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4488 Southwood Road
Torrance, ON, P0C 1M0

(705) 762-5333

Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.


Gift Catalogue

This year, you can combine your joy of giving with your love of Beacon! Choose to give a charitable gift this Christmas, and honour a loved one with your support of Beacon's programs.

Beacon Gift Catalogue

Combine your joy of giving with your love of Beacon! Every year during the Christmas season, Beacon launches a Gift Catalogue, where you can choose to give a charitable gift. Show your love to someone this year, and support Beacon's programming for years to come!

A charitable gift is a donation made in someone's honour to a cause they care about, then given to them as a present. Beacon's Gift Catalogue is intended to be used as a charitable Christmas gift, and will be available each year during the fall until just after Christmas. 

If you would like to support camp in a tangible way, consider using the Gift Catalogue to honour your family and friends this year. Some ideas are listed below, or you can scroll through the slides below for all our Gift Catalogue items. Frequently Asked Questions are answered below as well.


  • Have a camper who loves the lessons at camp? Consider buying a set of 10 Bibles so that everyone can learn .  
  • Want to get a group gift with many people for a camp person? Pitch in for a new tripping tent ($500), or help us buy "9 Square in the Air" ($1000) 
  • Do you have a camp person in your life who likes to sleep in? Buying them a camp mattress ($100) is a fun and hilarious present.


Below is a list of the gifts that the Beacon staff have chosen for 2017.  In brackets, we've indicated how many of each item we're looking for (with ∞ meaning unlimited). If you're unsure of which gift to give, there is no requirement to choose. This year, any unallocated money will go towards creating new trail signage for our hiking trails, including nature-based learning and activities for campers as they explore Beacon's 400 acres of property. 


PWYC - New Trail Signage
Help us prepare new nature signage for our hiking trails. 

$10 - Arts Supplies ()
Support the art projects for one camper for a camp session.

$20 -  Sports Equipment ()
Provide two new pieces of sports equipment (balls, sticks, etc.).

$30 - New Canoe Paddle (30)
Help us finish the upgrade of all our canoe paddles this year.

$40 - New PFD (∞)
Provide a new lifejacket for campers to use while boating or swimming.

$40 - 10 New Bibles ()
We're need new Bibles to make sure that we have enough for everyone.

$50 - Archery Kit (10)
Each "kit" contains a set of arrows, bow and target paper.

$50 - New Dishes ()
New camp dishes are needed each year to replace broken ones.

$75 - Board Game Kit ()
Help us revamp our board game collection by adding games this year! 

$100 - New Mattress ()
Help us upgrade all of our camp mattresses to provide good sleep.

$200 - New Hand Mixer (1)
Choose the gift that really stirs this up - a new hand mixer for the camp kitchen. 

$500 - New Tripping Tents ()
We're planning for some new camping adventures for all ages.

$1000 - Nine Square in the Air (1)
We're hoping to add a great new game to our program in 2018!



1. Using the gift list above, or by scrolling through the slideshow below, choose one or more gifts that you would like to give to a friend or loved one.  Record the price and items you would like to purchase separately. When finished, tally up the total cost of the gifts.

2Fill out the form below to process your Gift Catalogue purchases:

a) Enter the total cost of the gifts in the One-Time Donation Amount. Using the space provided under Message for Beacon Bible Camp, let us know which gifts you are purchasing. 

c) Fill out your Payment Information and Donor & Tax Receipt Information

d) You can choose to send a free eCard to your loved ones under the Dedicate Your Donation option. New for 2017, we're offering Beacon-related eCards for you to send as well as more generic holiday cards. 

NOTE: If you would like to send eCards to more than one e-mail address, you will need to complete the form a second time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a gift from the Beacon Gift Catalogue on behalf of a friend or relative, how will that person be notified?
You can choose to let your friend or relative know on your own, or you can send them a free eCard through CanadaHelps when you make your donation to camp. Details regarding the use of eCards is outlined above in the Steps to Making a Donation Using the Gift Catalogue. CanadaHelps offers many friendly Christmas card designs for you to choose from. 

How are prices determined for items in the Beacon Gift Catalogue?
The prices listed here are the best we could find for the equipment in question. In the case of some projects (dock refurbishment, for example), the price is based on the estimated costs required to complete the project/purchase equipment. 

Where does my money go when I purchase a gift?
The majority of the purchase price goes toward buying the actual gift item. Some other small costs (credit card charges) are also built into the price of each gift in the catalogue, but this is on average less than 3% of the gift price. 

Is there a deadline for using the Beacon Gift Catalogue?
Beacon’s Gift Catalogue opens on November 15th each year and is left open until December 31st. If you would like to purchase a gift outside of this time frame, please contact the camp office for further details. 

How are gift catalogue items selected?
The gifts for this year’s Beacon Gift Catalogue were selected in discussion with the year-round staff at Beacon. As we examined our upcoming program needs at camp, we added these items to our wishlist. While we have other needs, this represents a cross-section of needs at this time. Each of the gifts was chosen from an area that we feel can be improved at camp, and will directly benefit campers next year. 

What if Beacon raises more funds than expected for a particular item? 
Almost all of the items in the Gift Catalogue are immediately needed at Beacon for the next camp season. In the rare cases where donations exceed what is needed for a particular item, Beacon will redirect funds to a similar item or program. 

Can I give a gift in memory of a friend or loved one? 
Yes. When you click through to the donation page above, there is an option under Dedicate Your Donation to make the donation in memory of someone. You can choose to notify the family on your own, or use a free eCard provided through CanadaHelps.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the Gift Catalogue, please contact Luke LaRocque at