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4488 Southwood Road
Torrance, ON POC 1MO


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4488 Southwood Road
Torrance, ON, P0C 1M0

(705) 762-5333

Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

General Giving


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Beacon Bible Camp is a charitable organization which exists to see the gospel of Jesus Christ shared with as many people as possible. We accomplish this through our camp programming, as well as offering a convenient and excellent facility for like-minded organizations to meet and share Christ with others as well. Our camp fees and rental fees are designed to cover the cost for each user while they visit us,   but there are many other expenses that must be covered in order for us to run an effective outreach to our community.

We are grateful to those who choose to partner with us financially. Our supporters come from all walks of life, and with varying degrees of connection to Beacon. Some are former campers and staff, while others are parents who have seen their children's lives changed at camp.

If you are interested in supporting Beacon financially, please read below, and find multiple options for starting today. 

I want to thank you for subsidizing the camp fee and making it possible for our son to come to camp. It really meant a lot to our family, and to him. He had never been to camp before, and I could see a difference in him when he came home. He is already talking about bringing a friend next summer.
— Camper Sponsorship Parent

While we appreciate every contribution that is made to Beacon, we have three specific donation funds for you to consider:

Camper Sponsorship

Our belief is that every child should have the opportunity to come to camp, regardless of their family's ability to pay. Each year, Beacon provides approximately $15,000 in camper sponsorship for those who can't otherwise afford to come to camp. Camper Sponsorship donations directly cover the cost of these campers. 

Capital Projects

While our camp fees are designed to cover the cost of a camper attending Beacon, there are many capital projects that require additional funding. These projects could include the construction of new facilities or programs (recent examples include our new swim dock and archery field) or the replacement of major parts of Beacon's infrastructure (hot water tanks, new floors, etc.) that last beyond one or two years. We depend on donations to cover all our capital projects, and trust that the Lord will provide funds as they are required. 

Christmas Gift Catalogue

Every year, Beacon offers a Christmas Gift Catalogue from mid-November to the end of December. It is a fun way to honour family and friends at Christmas with charitable gifts that will keep giving for years. The gifts chosen for the Gift Catalogue are decided by the year-round staff as they plan for new programs and activities for the upcoming year, and represent a cross-section of Beacon's needs. You can find the Gift Catalogue in our Give link above during the months of November and December.

Beacon offers several ways to support our ministry. All donations made to Beacon Bible Camp will be issued a tax receipt at the end of the year. Donations made directly to Beacon by cheque or cash will be acknowledged with a tax receipt in January of the following year, while donations made through CanadaHelps are receipted directly through their website. 

Donation by Cheque or Cash

If you would like to support Beacon one-time donation, please send cheques (payable to "Beacon Bible Camp") to:

Beacon Bible Camp
4488 Southwood Rd
Torrance, ON P0C 1M0

We do not recommend that you send cash donations in the mail. If you prefer cash as a donation method, please contact the camp office, or come see us the next time you visit camp! 

donation by Credit Card

Beacon processes credit card donations using, an online donation processing service. Using the form below, decide if you would like to make a one-time or monthly donation, then choose which fund you would like to support. It is possible to make donations in honour of a loved one if you so desire. uses a small portion of your donation (3.5%) to cover administration fees. If you would like to offset this cost during the donation process, that option is available below.

In accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and Beacon Bible Camp policy, it is important for all donors to recognize that funds contributed to Beacon Bible Camp are always under the full and complete direction and control of the staff and board of trustees of Beacon. While contributions may be made to specific programs and needs, the final decision regarding the distribution or allocation of funds rests with the board of trustees. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us for clarification.