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4488 Southwood Road
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(705) 762-5333

Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

Session Staff

Volunteering at Beacon

Your time is your greatest gift. Beacon is staffed entirely by volunteers, which allows us to keep our costs affordable, and also brings diversity and different experience to camp each week. Volunteering at Beacon is both challenging and rewarding, but there is no experience like serving alongside fellow workers in Christ. Whether in a cabin or in the kitchen, every person volunteering at camp is essential in helping Beacon fulfill its mission of reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each year, we have over 250 staff positions to fill, and depend on the larger Beacon family to help us meet those needs. Below, you'll find a list of the volunteer positions at camp, the eligibility for those positions, and our current staff needs for the upcoming summer. We also offer a staff newsletter, to hear more about staff needs and training opportunities.

Every volunteer needs to fill out a yearly application form, and meet certain criteria to serve at camp: 

  • All staff over 18 years of age must submit a police background check, and any staff who will come in close contact with campers (cabin leaders, directors, medical staff) must submit a police background check including vulnerable sector screening.

  • For staff who will be serving in positions with a spiritual guidance component (cabin leaders, program staff, directors, head cooks), we require that you read and agree to our Statement of Faith. Other positions (kitchen, maintenance, etc.) require an openness and respectfulness towards Christian teaching.

  • Some positions require additional training, but are not generally first-year positions. Beacon can often help with the cost of these courses if they would hinder your ability to serve at camp (or we offer them ourselves at our Skills Camp!). 

If you want to participate as a staff member this summer, click on the "Apply" button below. We'll try to get back to you within a few business days with the next steps towards a week of fun and service! 

Staff Positions

Cabin Leader/Program Staff

Spend a week or weekend mentoring and caring for a group of campers. Work with your fellow cabin leaders as you learn to be a kid again. Responsibilities include running programming, facilitating daily camper devotions, and ensuring that campers are following the daily schedule. 


Cooking at camp is all about teamwork! Working with your fellow cooks you will be making nutritious meals and catching a glimpse behind the scenes. Learn new skills and make lifelong friendships… the perfect mix.

Medical Staff

Provide care for our campers using your specific medical training! Each week, you'll make sure campers are taking their medication, treat bumps and bruises, and keep an eye out for the general well-being of those at camp that week. 


Session Directors provide general organization and execution of weekly/weekend programming for a specific session. Working with the full-time staff, they oversee cabin leaders and campers and make sure that everyone is enjoying camp to its full potential. Sessions Directors generally have previous experience at Beacon. 

Summer Staff

Being part of Beacon's Summer Staff is an exciting opportunity to spend the whole summer up at camp. The tasks vary from maintenance and program support to daily lifeguarding duties. To learn more about this opportunity please click here.


There are many other volunteering opportunities at Beacon Bible Camp, such as helping out at workdays and baking days. To learn more about these opportunities, or some of the other opportunities available to serve at camp, please contact us.

Staff Experience Guidelines

Each staff position at camp has been designed to ensure that campers are protected and that staff enjoy themselves while volunteering. Part of this design are the following staff experience guidelines, which ensures that there is an appropriate maturity level for specific sessions, including experience, age and knowledge of Beacon. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact the camp at

Cabin Leader/Program Staff

Junior/Senior Camps: 18+, Christian
Wilderness/Basecamp: 20+, Christian
Alpha: 23+, Christian
Family Camps: Ages vary, Christian 

Medical Staff

All medical staff should (at a minimum) have completed their nursing or medical degree. Applicants who have completed their training will need to submit their medical registration number.

Kitchen Staff 

KIT (Kitchen-In-Training): 15+
Cook: 16+
Head Cook: 18+, Food Handler certification, experience in Beacon's kitchen


Beacon's session directors are selected for their experience at our camp, their willingness to take on an additional level of responsibility at camp and their commitment to a long term position (3+ years serving in the role).

Volunteer Discount Program

Beacon's volunteers are a hard-working group. We recognize that for some volunteers, committing to serving a week at camp can affect them financially - either because they have to give up a week of vacation time, or in the case of younger staff, miss out on a week (or more) of potential summer income. To help with this, Beacon is offering a volunteer discount for those who are serving at camp. We're running the volunteer discount program during the summer of 2018 as a trial period, and will evaluate it after that to determine if we want to continue in the future. 

For every week that you volunteer at Beacon, we're offering a discount off camp fees (either your own camp fees, or an immediate family member (child, sibling or grandchild). The discounts are as follows: 

Cabin Leaders: $75 per week volunteered
Kitchen Staff: $75 per week volunteered
Head Cook: $200 per week volunteered
Medical Staff: $200 per week volunteered

In order to access the volunteer discount, a staff member will have to have completed certain requirements by the time they arrive at camp (police checks, government-mandated training, etc). There is no cash equivalent to the discount program, and we have placed a cap of $500/year on the discounts available per person (which is more than our current camp session fees, so you can theoretically go to camp for free!).

If you have more questions about the volunteer discount, contact our Program Director, Alyssa at

Current Staffing Needs

For an update on our current staffing needs for the coming summer, please click on the link below: