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4488 Southwood Road
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(705) 762-5333

Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

#BeaconNatureWatch: BUGS!


#BeaconNatureWatch: BUGS!

Alyssa LaRocque

Ah, spring. 

Melting snow. Twittering finches and robins. Hammering woodpeckers. Sunny days. Rainy days. More and more daylight. More and more... BUGS.

ARGGGH, spring!

It's sort of creepy how soon bugs are up and at 'em in the spring. I went for a trudge through the April snow recently at camp to check something at the beach. I thought I was alone - but no, I had some company (see photo below):


This little guy wasn't a mosquito, but the likeness was too close for comfort. What was he doing out in the snow anyways? Clearly the desire to fill the ever-warming air with the buzzing, droning, whining, whirring sound of bug wings (that we all love so dearly) was too much for him to resist.

Before we get to angry at this fella and all of bugkind for the problems they cause, we need to remember just how many of the things we enjoy about spring are contingent upon the early arrival of insects. A number of our birds rely on creepy crawlies for sustenance; if the bugs didn't arrive early in the spring to be a food source, we wouldn't hear their melodies either. The flowers that bloom wouldn't continue to reproduce without the pollen transfer of various insects. And we would sorely miss the "spring cleaning" job performed by scavenger bugs  as they work to remove the plants and animals which died during the harsh winter months. Everywhere we look, our tiny friends are playing a big part in making spring happen!

Realizing how much goes on without our recognition or appreciation in the bug world is a reminder for our spiritual lives as well. God is constantly at work in us through the Holy Spirit - reminding us here, convicting us there, comforting us in this situation, empowering us in that situation. Sometimes we need to take a step back and make sure our eyes are open in grateful awareness of all the little works of amazing grace that are an essential part of being made new in Christ.

So rather than grimace as the bugs start to appear, take a moment to be thankful for all they do to welcome in spring...and all that the Holy Spirit is doing to build God's image in you!

Ah, spring. Ah, bugs!