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Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

Office Coordinator Posting


Office Coordinator Posting

Beacon Bible Camp

As part of our search for a new Office Coordinator for Beacon, we are posting the position description here on the Beacon website. If you're interested in filling this position, please have a careful (and prayerful) look through what the position entails. We would love to talk to you if you feel God may be calling you to join the rest of the Beacon staff in Muskoka. 

General Position Description

Beacon’s Office Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of all administrative tasks in support of the operation of Beacon Bible Camp. This includes database, communications and document management and tuck shop oversight. This position is usually the first point of contact for campers or their family. 

Competencies Required

The following set of attitudes, skills, knowledge and techniques are representative of those required from the Office Coordinator at Beacon:

  • Attention to detail

  • Work well with others

  • Word Processing and comfort with use of computers

  • Telephone skills

  • Organized

  • Continuous learning

  • Multi-tasking

  • Team player

  • Strong verbal and written communication

  • Personal and organizational priority setting

Specific Responsibilities

The Office Coordinator must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Beacon Staff Expectations guidelines. They assume specific responsibility for providing efficient and smooth operation of the camp sessions, and in relation to:

General Administration:

  • Acknowledging, distributing, sorting and organizing mail or email

  • Working closely with the camp accountant in managing financial administrative procedures

  • Welcoming campers, visitors or staff in person, by email or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.

  • Maintaining inventory and equipment for office supplies, checking stock, anticipating needed supplies, placing orders for supplies

  • Maintaining the camp database, recording and updating campers’ information

  • Organizing, maintaining and filing documents


  • Processing applications from prospective campers for summer, fall and winter sessions

  • Communicating with parents/caregivers of registered campers for summer, fall and winter sessions

  • Sorting and delivering mail or email addressed to campers

  • Ensuring that travel arrangements for campers are compiled and organized (i.e. bus lists), including Safe Arrival procedures

  • Ensuring that staff are in place to effectively process summer session campers upon arrival

  • Communicating campers’ medical notes or allergies to camp medical staff

  • Relaying messages from parents/caregivers to campers


  • Providing camper information (lists) to the session directors for summer, fall and winter sessions

  • Providing campers’ transportation information to the session directors for summer, fall and winter sessions (i.e. bus lists and Safe Arrival plans)

  • Assisting with various mailings (e.g. staff newsletter)

  • Recruiting, selecting, training and supervising office helper (for the summer months, if necessary)

  • Assisting the Program Director in their task of maintaining accurate and complete staff documentation, as required.

Tuck Shop:

  • Managing stock, determining inventory level, placing orders and authorizing clearance sales

  • During the summer months, by recruiting, selecting, training and supervising tuck shop helper

  • Maintaining cash sales reports, depositing cash and preparing wallets for campers to use.

  • Managing the online tuck shop, including processing orders and shipping in a timely fashion

Other duties may include:

  • On a rotating schedule with other full-time staff, welcoming rental groups and making sure they are settled at camp

  • Assisting with camp cleaning as required during the off-season

  • Assist in general housekeeping tasks (specifically on change-over days)

  • Assistance in the kitchen when required

  • Maintaining first aid supplies in the Health Centre and first aid kits

  • As required and time allows, support to the Executive Director develop and maintain marketing plans, which may include social media updates, research and communication with outside groups

Reporting and Working Relationships

The Office Coordinator reports to the Executive Director, and works closely with the rest of the year-round staff. Some communication is required with session directors to ensure effective camp processes. The Board of Trustees provides general oversight as required.

Time Requirement

The position of Office Coordinator is a part-time position during the camp off-season (September to May), requiring approximately 20-30 hours of direct attention per week. This has typically been expressed as 3 days per week, although flexibility exists in this area. During the summer months, all Beacon staff operate on a “job done” model, where the work must be completed in order to serve the campers and volunteer staff. The Office Coordinator must ensure that adequate coverage for changeover days is found, which may include their presence on weekends. As part of the commitment of serving at Beacon in this capacity, the summer months will require 24/7 on call status, managed between the other year-round staff. In general, the summer months require great flexibility.

Beacon year-round staff work to find periods of extended rest during the off-season. Typically, this is found in the months of November, December and April. At all times, the full-time staff at Beacon are required to coordinate their schedules ensure that the needs of camp are being met, and also the needs of individual families.

Other Expectations

Beacon is a Christian organization, and our mission is to tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We highly value the faith of our staff, and encourage each staff member to ensure that their faith plays a central part in their lives. Each full-time staff person is expected to spend time in prayer and study as part of their daily walk with the Lord. An active involvement and membership in a Bible-believing Christian church or assembly is also expected. The Office Coordinator will be required to attend weekly staff meetings with other full-time staff at camp to discuss, plan and pray.

Income and Benefits

Beacon Bible Camp is a volunteer-run organization, which includes the year-round staff. The successful candidate will be contacted by Friends of Beacon Ministries, a charitable organization that raises funds on behalf of the year-round workers, who will discuss the candidate’s support needs. Friends of Beacon will work with the candidate to find appropriate support levels, and explain the process by which the candidate can raise additional funds, if necessary.

Other benefits of the position include the possibility of living on-site at Beacon during the summer months (if required). Any courses that the candidate may wish to take will be either covered or subsidized by Beacon or Friends of Beacon Ministries, providing that the course be related to their work at camp. Due to the nature of their responsibilities, the Office Coordinator may be provided with a cell phone, or will have part of their cell phone bill covered by Beacon in exchange for their availability.

Performance Evaluation

The Office Coordinator will be part of the Staff Evaluation Program, which includes all full-time workers at Beacon. This program is designed to provide ample opportunity for workers to express their needs and desires in a safe and welcoming environment. This is expressed in quarterly evaluations with the Executive Director, and participation in group assessments of improvements and needs at camp.

Areas of Vulnerability

The Office Coordinator should be aware of the following areas that could make him/her personally vulnerable, and may need to take steps to prevent problems if required:

  • Working closely with the opposite sex in an office and camp setting

  • Working closely with children during the registration intake process.

  • Handling large amounts of cash monies

  • Management of personal time and schedules

  • Working too many hours to the detriment of his/her family and personal well-being.

 Areas of Particular Challenge

The following areas could become particular challenges for the Office Coordinator:

  • Working with people day in and day out means that relationships have to be open and good. Limits and personal space have to be talked about, while regular planning and sharing times need to be maintained.

  • Everything needs to be clearly talked about to prevent misunderstandings.

  • He/she will need to prioritize demands placed on him/her in order to be efficient.

  • This position is very much behind the scenes.

 Candidate Selection Process and Evaluation

  1. The interested parties should contact the Executive Director.

  2. A copy of the position description will be sent to and discussed with the interested party.

  3. The procedure for the selection process will be communicated to the candidate who will share how interested they are in this role. The candidate will be encouraged to truly seek God’s will for this step of faith.

  4. The Executive Director, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, will conduct a face-to-face interview with the candidate(s).

  5. The candidate(s) may be required to take a personality assessment.

  6. The candidate(s) will be interviewed by some of the Board members.

  7. The Board of Trustees will consider the results of steps 4-6 of this process. The role of Office Coordinator will be offered to the candidate deemed best suited for this position.

  8. Upon the approval of the Board of Trustees the candidate will be offered the position of Office Coordinator with the 1st year in this position being probationary.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Luke LaRocque at or (705) 762-5333.