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Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

Summer Wrap-Up 2019: Junior Girls


Summer Wrap-Up 2019: Junior Girls

Alyssa LaRocque

Nothing compares to the first week of the summer! The air was charged with excitement and energy all week as the Junior Girls campers enjoyed a wonderful opening week at camp.

Rather than writing a summary form, I feel that the best way I can summarize some of the fun, wacky, memorable moments of this week is to post the lyrics to the song I wrote and performed with the session directors Sketch and Selta for the campers at their closing ceremony.

(In order to understand the song, it’s important to know that some campers created a “Wipe the table” chant that permeated mealtimes each day and whose pattern I used throughout the song).

Without further ado:

[Junior Girls, Ju-Junior Girls] x 4

At the beach we swam in the sun
The lily pad and the boats were so fun|
We pushed in Kodiak, we totally won!
Singing oh-oh-oh

[Flip your numbers, flip flip your numbers] x 4

We met the raisins that make Raisin Bran great
The doctor’s office left people in quite a state|
The jelly beans flavours made our cheeks inflate
Sing oh-oh-oh

[Bean bamboozled, bean bean bamboozled] x 4

We played wide games, we were running around|
Soon half the camp lay injured on the ground
It was really crazy, Dupes had to be found
Singing oh-oh-oh

[Stick the bandaid, stick stick the bandaid] x 4

We heard ‘bout monsters seen and unseen
We opened doors to see where they’d been
We learned that God’s the One on whom we can lean
Singing oh-oh-oh

[Conquer monsters, con-conquer monsters] x 4

We ate so much shepherd’s pie and mac and cheese
We had a beach supper where we cooked weenies
When more food came we said yes please
Singing oh-oh-oh

[Wipe the table, wipe wipe the table] x 4

[Junior Girls, Ju-Junior Girls] x 4

I am already so sad that this wonderful group of girls and cabin leaders are leaving us tomorrow. My heart goes with you, Junior Girls 2019!

Sincerely, Dash :)