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4488 Southwood Road
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(705) 762-5333

Beacon Bible Camp is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an adventurous Christian camping experience where people, particularly youth, can be encouraged to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus and to grow in their Christian life.

Staff Saturday: Torrie Lane and Willi Vandervecht


Staff Saturday: Torrie Lane and Willi Vandervecht

Alyssa LaRocque

One of Beacon's greatest blessings is our amazing staff. To celebrate them, and introduce you to who they are, we feature them on our blog: Staff Saturdays! This week, we had a request from two good friends to be featured together, so we're doing a best friend mash-up! 

Staff Names: Torrie Lane and Willi Vandervecht
Camp Names:
Nemo (Torrie) and Wonka (Willi)
Lives: Windsor, ON & Victoria, BC


How long have you been attending/serving at Beacon?
Willi: I’ve been attending Beacon for 12 years. I started volunteering at Beacon in 2011.
Torrie: I’ve been coming to Beacon for 11 years, as a camper and staff member.

What camp have you helped out at recently and what were some highlights?
Willi: The camp that I’ve recently helped out at is Co-Ed. I thought I’d try my hand at cooking. As a cabin leader however, the highlights are spending time outdoors, developing relationships with the campers, and getting to be an 11 year old again.
Torrie: The last camp I helped out at was Jr. Girls. I think some of the major highlights were just getting to spend time with girls who have crazy amounts of energy, and a million stories to tell. Also, singing in the lighthouse with 70 junior or senior girls is so awesome.

What are your personal favourite food, place and activity at camp?
(Willi) Food: Pudding and all the fun activities that come along with it.
(Willi) Place: The wooded area behind the Lighthouse. In the evenings the sun hits it in a really pretty way and makes everything glow.
(Willi) Activity: The lull between events when everyone runs back to the cabin and talks about how much fun they just had.
(Torrie) Food: Joyce’s chicken and Beacon pizza! Um, garlic bread, jungle bars, Beacon pudding...Basically all camp foods to be honest.
(Torrie) Place: Definitely the waterfront, and the diving tower. I mean, my camp is Nemo, I love being anywhere where I can swim.
(Torrie) Activity: SWIM TIME!! I’m usually the first one in the water, and the last one out.

What are you up to these days?
Willi: These days I am living in Victoria, BC. I am studying Social Sciences and French at the University of Victoria. I live in a great house by the ocean and spend my time being goofy with my roommates, biking, hiking, reading fantasy novels and exploring the area. I volunteer at two organizations called Street Hope and the Mustard Seed. Both provide food and build relationships with the homeless of our community. I am also in the process of applying to mentor a child and enter into a “big-brother/big-sister” type program.
Torrie: I’m currently in my second year at the University of Windsor, and working towards a double major of a Bachelors of Social Work and Disability Studies degree. I’m working as a lifeguard for my city. I volunteer for the Children’s Aid Society where I tutor kids who are in foster care, and coach a Special Olympics swim team where I teach children with varying disabilities how to swim. In my spare time, I love reading, hiking, and traveling! I’m going to Ireland in May and I’m super pumped about that!  

What’s a talent or hobby of yours that your campers might not know about?
Willi: A hobby of mine that campers might not know about… hmmmmm… My friend Rebecca and I have recently decided to become Slack Line masters. We take the slack line to the park every couple days and try (without success) to make is across like ninjas.
Torrie: I feel like everyone might know this one already but I love swimming! I’ve been swimming competitively since I was 8 years old, hence the camp name Nemo. I’m also a huge Harry Potter nerd and have read the books more times than I can count.

Why do you love volunteering at Beacon?
Willi: I love volunteering at Beacon because it’s a safe place that people can come to talk and be themselves. It creates an opportunity for relationships to happen and develop that cannot be achieved in other places.
Torrie: Beacon is honestly my favourite place on earth. I love the people that I’ve met through camp, and can say that they’re some of my closest friends. Being able to spend time with God, serving Him, and worshiping Him with such awesome people, at such a beautiful place...what can possibly be better than that?

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